Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Haiku June: Day 20

Father's Day Part II was no slouch either. Andrea and I slept until NINE-FIFTEEN! Zoe had slept over at Papa and Ama's which was wonderful for us, and perhaps better for her, as her cousins Paige, Ethan, and Brock were there as well. Once we were fully awake, we made our way to St. Paul, where Mali and Chad met us as well for a long fun brunch out on the back patio. I got to watch Brazil dominate once again in World Cup action, in a long, lazy Sunday with great food and great company. We ran a few errands, and went home for Andrea to pack.

Egg bake and coffee,
A robin in the bird bath,
brunch in the back yard.

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  1. All I can add is I haven't been watching England totally fail to dominate anybody in the World Cup. Haiku very impressive b.t.w (Alistair, not Tanya)