Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back to Bushara

This weekend we had a fantastic time once again at Bushara Island, Lake Bunyoni, Uganda, about 4 hours (including the slow border crossing) from Kigali. This time, unfortunately, Niamh's family couldn't come, but many others did. Most of them stayed in cabins, but we were in our new lovely gigantic tent, and camping with us were Hazel's family as well as Zoe's friend Miranda and her mother Anne.

I'll post a few photos to give an idea of the time.

This is at the border, bags of "Irish" potatoes awaiting export to Rwanda, I think. Perhaps they just came from Rwanda. Hard to tell.

Counterclockwise from top left: Zoe and Miranda's flying trapeze, the Three Amigas (Hazel, Zoe, and Miranda) held hands spontaneously and frequently, I carved a pumpkin with my assistant, and we got our inflatable kayak wet again, which was a lot of fun.

Above from top left: Zoe proudly displays Kirsti's excellence in facepainting; Snow White's debut; Our tent decked out to receive trick-or-treaters (it actually rained before they arrived); and a gang of happy revelers.